Solar Panels Continue to Increase in Efficiency

Although the price of oil continues to decline, it doesn’t begin to compare to the increase that solar power is experiencing in its levels of efficiency. There simply is no comparison when considering the energy efficiency of solar power vs. traditional energy fueled by fossil fuels. Current developments have allowed for enhanced solar absorption with the addition of a new layer placed over an existing low grade silicon solar cell.

The Advantages of Perovskite

The new material discovered to enhance solar cell efficiency is called perovskite. This crystalline material is very inexpensive to produce and can be replicated very simply. Since silicon solar cells harvest infrared light from the sun, their efficiency is not as high as perovskite reinforced solar cells which only absorb the visible part of the light spectrum. Perovskite was first used in 2009 and at the time it registered a 4% efficiency level. Since then, it has gone up to a 20% efficiency level.

Challenges with Perovskite

Although research teams are excited about the new advancements with the potential use of perovskite, some challenges still persist. One of the main concerns is that the substance does not hold up particularly well in sunlight or in water. This makes it difficult to create a binding between the crystalline material and an individual solar cell. However researchers hope to release it as a solar panel in the years to come with an energy efficiency potential of 30%.

New Developments in Solar Technology

As more research is completed by scientists and researchers, the efficiency of solar technology continues to increase. This ensures that an investment in solar energy will be financially lucrative in the long term. There is no comparison to traditional methods of receiving electricity when compared to the use of solar panels. The standard solar panel will convert up tp 15% of the energy from the sun. This allows for more energy efficiency with less financial output which is a win for property owners considering solar power for their homes or businesses.

Getting a Free Estimate

It may take a few years for new solar panels using perovskite to hit the market but when they do, homeowners can expect to see significant savings. In the mean time, the current solar panels available on the market still provide an excellent source of electricity at a very economical rate. By getting a free estimate for solar panels, one can compare quotes and get started installing solar panels in their home or commercial property.

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