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About Us

Solar Panels Orange County, CA

Solar Power System Pros is the premier provider of quality solar products and solutions. We are committed to serving all of your solar needs with commitment and personalized attention. Our goal is to provide you with the best products while delivering the maximum savings with affordable solar equipment. Our partner companies have extensive industry experience and have been operating for several years. You can rest assured that together with our partner companies, we will provide the highest quality solar products at the most competitive prices.

Solar Panel Installation Process

At Solar Power System Pros, we strive to make getting the solar products you need as simple and hassle free as possible. The entire process can be completed by email and phone just like a mortgage application. We demonstrate what the solar modules would look like in your home with a customized proposal tailored to your unique needs. Our process is seamless and we handle all of the financing and paperwork in one main office. We have many different financing options available for your convenience including leases, cash discounts, and PPA’s. We work with credit scores as low as 620 so you never have to wait to get the solar equipment you need.

Fast & Accurate Installation

Our installation process is fast and can take as little as 60 days unlike other companies which take up to 9 months! You will enjoy just how simple installing your new solar panels can be when you choose Solar Power System Pros. Our installers are all in good standing and fully licensed in the state where the installation will take place. You can avoid having to wait for contractors to show up since all installers are available in your state and will work quickly to have your installation completed on time.

Go Solar with No Money Down

We can help you to go solar with zero dollars out of pocket. Let us show you how to pay cash and avoid having to make repeated payments to a leasing company. With a cash out refinance, we can install your new solar system which will reduce or fully eliminate your electric bill. Then you can take advantage of the 30% tax credit, reduce the interest rate, increase your home’s value, and you will fully own your new solar panels! We have formed a partnership with Ladera Lending so we can provide you with a HOME LOAN or REFINANCE option so you can go solar with zero down and no monthly payments.