Solar Panels Continue to Increase in Efficiency

Although the price of oil continues to decline, it doesn’t begin to compare to the increase that solar power is experiencing in its levels of efficiency. There simply is no comparison when considering the energy efficiency of solar power vs. traditional energy fueled by fossil fuels. Current developments have allowed for enhanced solar absorption with [...]

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Considering Solar Energy – How Efficient Is It?

Compared to traditional forms of electricity output including heating and cooling the home, solar powered homes offer increased efficiency. However many homeowners considering solar energy wonder if it is efficient enough to actually make a difference. Exploring the energy efficiency of solar powered buildings can assist in determining whether this option is worth it. Solar [...]

2017-09-03T13:14:52+00:00 June 30th, 2015|

Solar Energy Savings

Today many property owners are looking towards alternative sources of energy for their homes and businesses. Saving on energy expenditure is key as the economy continues to stabilize. Currently, the average household pays between $120 and $170 per month in energy costs. To evaluate the amount of savings that a solar panel can provide, it [...]

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Increasing Energy Efficiency

Homeowners across the country are realizing that cutting costs in energy expenditure is possible with just a few simple tweeks. In addition to saving money, making adjustments to your home for added energy efficiency can also benefit the environment. By gaining an understanding of the ways in which you can make your home more energy [...]

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