How to Mount Solar Panels

Several homes throughout the country are switching to solar power in order to conserve energy, cut costs, and help the environment. Prior to getting solar panels, it will be necessary to learn more about the installation process. Solar panels must be placed on a mount and there are many different mounts to choose from. Deciding which mount to use for your solar panels doesn’t have to be complicated when you have the information needed to make the best choice.

Roof mounts for your solar panel

The type of mount that is the most common is the roof mount. This type of mount is installed on the side of the roof that gets exposed to the most amount of sunlight which is a south facing installation. However the solar roof mount can also be positioned on the east or west as long as exposure to sunlight on that side is sufficient. When deciding whether or not to use a roof mount, it is important to keep in mind whether or not you can access your roof easily, whether you live in a climate with a lot of snowfall, or whether you will have to navigate a slippery surface just to clean off the panels.

Pole Mounts

Another option to consider when placing your solar panel is installing them on the side of a pole. Pole mounts are designed specifically to allow you to place 1 to 4 modules on the pole, clamped down with U-bolts or hose clamps. These types of mounts are able to accommodate poles of various sizes and can be adjusted for maximum sun exposure. Pole mounts can be angled at different degrees to allow the solar panel to get the most amount of sunlight. They can be adjusted in 10 degree increments ranging from 15 to 65 degrees.

Solar Mount Rail Systems

Solar mount rail systems have a great degree of flexibility and allow more freedom to place solar panels in the desired location. A solar mount rail system can be utilized for both tilted and flat roofs and can be used on residential and commercial properties alike. Tilted mounts can be positioned in a horizontal direction or in landscape mode which is a vertical positioning. Solar mount rail systems are usually attached to the roof with the panels being attached from above.

Ground Mounts

For property owners who find pole mounts inconvenient and who don’t have enough sunlight hitting their roofs, ground mounts may offer the ideal solution. This is one of the easiest ways to install solar panels and the mount is similar in appearance to an A-frame. Ground mounts are best when attached to a cement slab for a more secure installation. Ground mounts can hold between 1 and 8 solar panels and they are used to attach solar panels to the ground.

Comparing the available mounts can help you to make the best selection for the installation of your solar panels.

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