Increasing Energy Efficiency

Homeowners across the country are realizing that cutting costs in energy expenditure is possible with just a few simple tweeks. In addition to saving money, making adjustments to your home for added energy efficiency can also benefit the environment. By gaining an understanding of the ways in which you can make your home more energy efficient, you can reduce your energy expenditure, save money, and protect the earth’s environment.

Get an Energy Audit

The first step to take prior to making any adjustments in your property is to get an energy audit. Check if your power company offers and energy audit-  many do. During the audit, your property will be assessed to determine whether or not there are any sources of energy leaks. At the end of the test, you will be provided with a report that offers insight into the ways in which you can reduce your spending by tightening the energy efficiency within your home.

Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency

There are many different ways to increase the energy efficiency in your home. Some of the changes that can be made include changing the light bulbs used in the home to CFL and LED light bulbs, using smart power switches that will switch off electronics that aren’t in use, and more. LED bulbs often use as little as 25% of the power of regular bulbs. Other steps to take include adding insulated windows, entry doors, and patio doors, using energy star appliances, and many other ways to cut down on costs. One of the major changes you can make includes the installation of solar panels. With solar panels, you can use energy from the sun to power everything in your home including heat.

Making these basic changes can have a major impact on the way energy is used in your home. In addition, with solar panel installation, you can eventually eliminate the need to rely on a power company to supply you with electricity. Not only will you enjoy not relying on an outside provider for power, but you will be able to increase the amount of panels in your home so as to harness even more energy. Using solar panels in addition to making the other needed changes will allow you to reduce your energy costs while helping the earth by minimizing the production of toxic byproducts.

Energy efficiency is not just a fad but instead it is a commitment to making different choices. Becoming conscious of the impact our choices make on the earth and our community can help us make those choices that will prove most beneficial.

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