Installing Solar Panels on Your Home

Homeowners in Orange County, California are increasingly exploring alternate energy sources besides their neighborhood power company. One of the most popular alternative energy sources for homeowners is solar power. Exploring solar power and how to use it to replace traditional electric sources will yield many fiscal and environmental benefits. It helps to take the time to become familiar with what is involved in the process of using solar panels instead of your local power company as your main power source.

What are solar panels

Solar panels are large panels comprised of photovoltaic cells which absorb the sun’s energy and convert it into usable electric energy for your home. They are usually placed on the roof in a southern direction facing the sun. When implemented, a solar powered system can significantly reduce a home’s carbon footprint and can result in a savings of up to $84 a month, or more on the electric bill.

Installing solar panels

Installing your panels is a bit more complex than just using a ladder and positioning the panels on your roof. This step is best left up to the professionals who will complete a series of rewiring steps to connect the panels to your home’s electric circuits. Additionally if you opt to tie your grid into the power system, this will also need to be set up by professional solar panel installers. Once the solar power system is connected to the grid, you can earn credit on your meter if your solar system makes energy that exceeds what your power company could supply. This is one of the advantages of tying your solar system into your neighborhood power grid.

In addition to the technical aspects of installing your solar system, you will also need to be aware of the logistics of installing solar panels. The solar panels will need to be positioned on your roof in an area that receives the maximum amount of sunlight. This makes the entire solar powered system that much more effective.

The length of installation

Homeowners should expect the entire installation project to last a few days at the most. However from signing the contract to the installers arriving on site could take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. One of the reasons for this delay in time is because of the need to obtain the right permits which is absolutely required. Installers will usually obtain the required permits which vary by municipality.

Find a trusted installer in Orange County

To get started with solar panels, you will want to find a reliable and trusted installer. When selecting an installer in Orange County, CA, keep in mind to choose a professional company that offers a great warranty. The warranty should cover the panels for 20 to 25 years and should cover the inverter for at least 10 years.

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