Installing Solar Panels at Home

Solar panel installation can be a DIY project but it is typically performed by trained and skilled technicians. Installing solar panels is not complicated and simply requires a bit of knowledge on the subject. By understanding how to install solar panels, you can have a better comprehension of how the process works.

Where are solar panels installed?

Solar panels are usually installed on the roof of a home or building as well as on standalone structures. Solar panels are ideally installed wherever there is access to direct sunlight. The more sun exposure the solar panels receive, the more energy will be harnessed. This allows the solar panel to have the most effectiveness all throughout the year. There are a wide variety of online tools available to help you track the sun’s positioning throughout the year. This ensures optimal installation.

Ensuring direct sunlight access

The most important part of installing solar panels is ensuring that the panels are positioned where they will receive the most amount of direct sunlight. This means that it is also necessary to remove any potential obstructions such as branches, bushes, and leaves. Ensuring no obstructions will guarantee enhanced performance of your photovoltaic solar panels.

Placing the solar panels

Once you have determined the ideal positioning for the solar panels, you will need to place them in your home. To do so you will need to purchase solar mounts in order to install the solar panels. The mounts come in three different varieties which include roof / ground mounts, flush mounts, and pole mounts. With the use of a mount, your solar panels can be placed on top of your home or business and even your RV. You can place your solar panel anywhere that it can receive the most sunlight when you use a solar panel mount.

You can opt for a mount which holds one single panel or a mount that can accommodate several different solar panels. As you buy more and more panels, your ability to harness more energy increases. Eventually, you will no longer need to rely on the power company as you will notice that your meter doesn’t even turn any longer. Over time, your meter may even begin to run backwards indicating that you have a surplus of energy!


The decision to install solar panels in your home or business is a smart one both economically and environmentally. Take advantage of this freely available energy source by purchasing solar panels from a trusted supplier.

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