Is Solar Power Right For Your Home?

Solar power offers many different advantages, however it is important to consider whether or not solar is the right choice for your energy needs. By examining how solar power works and understanding the various requirements, you can determine if it is a fit for you. The best way is to consult with a solar power company who can do an onsite inspection of your home. They will be able to determine all of the variables to see whether or not solar power can work with your home.

The position of your roof

The position of your roof is one of the main considerations when deciding on whether or not to go solar. Solar panels work by absorbing the sun’s light and converting it into usable energy currents for your home. If the solar panels are not facing the direction where they can absorb the most sunlight, then you may have to reconsider whether or not to go solar. In general, a US resident or any resident of the Northern hemisphere should have their solar panels positioned in a true South direction. South facing solar panels ensure that you will receive light throughout the day.

How much sunlight per year

Another consideration to make before implementing solar power into your home energy usage plan is how much sunlight your roof will be exposed to on a daily basis. If you live in an environment where it is rainy most of the time, it will be of benefit for you to consider different options for your energy needs. However if the amount of sunlight reaching your home throughout the year is sufficient, then you can expect to save on your standard energy bill each month. In order to determine how much sun exposure you are likely to get, you can examine the weather patterns in your surroundings for the past few years. This will give you a general idea as to whether or not you can benefit from the installation of solar panels.

The amount of shading from nearby trees

If there is a minimal amount of shading from nearby trees, then you can feel confident with installing solar panels. The amount of shade your home gets will determine the amount of sunlight which your solar panels can absorb. To ensure the maximum absorption, it will be beneficial to trim back branches in order to allow more sunlight to reach your solar panels.

Although solar energy is an excellent, energy efficient way to meet your energy needs, taking these considerations into account can help you make the best choice.

If you are a homeowner living in the State of California, please contact us for a confidential consultation to find out how much you will save with solar power.

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