Passive Solar Energy Techniques

In an effort to find a sustainable way to produce energy, many households and businesses turn to solar panels. Solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic units that absorb energy from the sun and store it so it can be converted into usable electricity. However there is a way to use energy from the sun without need for photovoltaic panels. This is referred to as passive solar energy usage. Understanding how to utilize these techniques for everyday energy usage can help you reduce energy costs while benefiting the environment.

Heating the home with passive solar energy

One of the main costs involved in home ownership is the cost of heating and cooling an entire house. With passive energy from the sun, it is possible to heat the home efficiently at a much reduced price. Passive heating involves careful and strategic planning during the home building process that will allow you to take maximum advantage of the sun’s rays. By positioning the windows so that they can catch the rays of the sun throughout the day, it is possible to ensure the interior remains warm. This is the same for patio doors that can be installed with UV panes. These simple considerations can make a major difference during the winter and can help to reduce the cost of heating the home.


In addition to positioning windows towards the sun, insulating windows and doors sufficiently can ensure that the heat stays where it is supposed to. You can either opt to do the installation yourself or have a professional technician install it for you. Insulating the windows and doors will make certain that the energy in your home is not wasted. This is also an excellent energy saver when applied to garage doors. Since garage doors are one of the largest openings in your home, sealing them will allow you to keep your home very insulated throughout the year.

Trombe Walls

Installing Trombe walls in the home is one of the best ways to make use of solar energy. Trombe walls absorb energy from the sun in order to provide heat to the interior. Trombe walls face the sun and are constructed of concrete, adobe, or stone. They can also be made using water tanks. Trombe walls are thermal masses on their own and when combined with vents along the perimeter and insulated glazing, they function as a solar thermal conductor. In this way, they passively collect energy from the sun which can help to keep the home at optimal temperatures.

Making use of these passive solar and energy efficient options can help you to save on energy costs all throughout the year.

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