Solar Water Panels for Heat and Hot Water

Homes and businesses that want to go green have implemented solar panels in their building’s construction. Traditional solar panels are comprised of photovoltaic units that absorb the sunlight which is then used for electricity. However there is another way to use solar panels which is with hot water. Understanding solar hot water panels and how they work can help you decide whether or not they pose the best option for powering your home or business.

What are solar hot water panels?

Solar hot water panels are panels with water inside that are exposed to the direct rays of the sun. The solar energy is stored in the fluid and is converted for use into electricity. This system can be fully automated to run on its own and provides a source of both hot water and heat. Solar hot water panels can be used in conjunction with an existing power grid or they can operate completely on their own.

How do solar hot water panels work?

A solar hot water array also known as a solar hot water heater utilizes the sun’s energy in order to heat the fluid contained within the panel. The heat generated inside the heater is then moved to a storage container. The entire process begins when sanitized water is heated and stored inside of a hot water cylinder. The fluid is transported through solar panels which are installed on the roof. Each solar panel is covered with a darkly coated absorber plate that has water circulation tubes inside.

Inside the solar panels, there is a lot going on in order to convert the energy of the sun into usable electricity. Within the panels, a heat exchanger releases the heat inside and then sends the cooled water back to be reheated. This entire cycle can operate indefinitely and continues to produce electricity uninterrupted.

To date, there are over 1.5 million homes in America that make use of solar heating for their homes and businesses. Surveys demonstrate that over 94% of solar heat users consider the investment a good one. If you are considering using either traditional solar panels or solar hot water panels in your property, you can benefit from finding out more information. Hiring a solar panel company is the first step as you can have your property assessed to determine the best placement for your new solar panels.

Although solar panels require an initial investment, the long term benefits and lifetime savings will be well worth any upfront costs. There are many rebates available as well as financing options that can make getting started with solar panels more affordable for the average consumer.

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