Solar Panels add to Power Security

Solar panel provide security in the event of power grid failure

Power grid failure is a real possibility during inclement weather such as in excessive rainstorms and snowstorms. Many home owners protect against this possibility by purchasing generators however these only pose a temporary solution. It is essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages that are associated with both grid tied and off grid solar panel systems in relation to the possibility of power grid failure.

Examining grid tied systems

In the event that the solar panel is tied into the grid it is considered a grid-tied system. This type of system has many economic advantages due to the practice of net metering. When the solar panels amass energy that is in excess of the home’s expenditure, this extra energy is stored and applied back to the meter. However in the event of power grid failure due to inclement weather or electro magnetic pulse interference, a solar powered system that is grid-tied would not be able to continue to supply energy.

Exploring off grid systems

Contrarily to grid-tied systems, off grid systems work independently of the main power grid and would not be affected by a power grid failure. Off grid systems require battery storage as well as a backup generator. After about ten years, it is typically recommended that the battery bank be replaced. For homeowners considering off grid systems, the potentiality of main power grid failure does not pose an immediate concern. This is one of the essential benefits inherent in installing this type of solar powered system.

Maintaining your power supply during a power grid failure can also be achieved by implementing a hybrid system. It is possible to have both grid tied solar panels as well as off grid solar panel installation which store the excess energy in battery tanks. These systems are directly connected to DC powered systems such as fans, water pumps, and other equipment. This system is an ideal solution for using power during the daylight hours however it won’t produce electricity at night.

There are strong economic advantages to installing a grid-tied solar panel system however an off grid system provides the most long term security and independence in the event of a power grid failure. Taking these points into account can assist you with choosing the solar panel system that is right for your needs.

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