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Solar Power Financing in California

Solar Panels Orange County, CA

When considering the installation of solar panels in Orange County California, the financial return on investment is a major benefit. However many people don’t have the upfront cash on hand to get the solar panel financing they need. At, we make financing your new solar panels a simple and hassle free process. The process is similar to that of obtaining a mortgage and we work with many different types of credit situations.

Buying vs. Leasing Solar Panel Systems

Going solar is easier than you thought possible with the option of buying or leasing your new solar panel systems. Our flexible financing solutions make it easy to begin reducing your electric bill so you can see an increase in energy savings.

Buying – If you are interested in purchasing your solar panels, you can use the option of a cash out refinance which will provide the upfront funds to allow you to purchase the panels outright. At the same time you will reduce your monthly mortgage payment, attain a tax credit for energy efficient modifications, while increasing your home’s value. If a homeowner uses a refinance to purchase their systems, the interest on the new loan may also be tax deductible!

Leasing – Leasing your home solar panel system is an option if you are not interested in purchasing them upfront through a cash out refinance. Leasing requires no money down and allows you to pay for your solar panel system over time. Keep in mind that the energy savings you achieve will be offset by an ongoing monthly lease payment on your solar panels. If you decide to sell your home prior to paying for the panels in full, you will need to ensure that the new homeowner takes up the lease and they must agree to the transfer and qualify.

We can explain the financial benefits and the long term investment of installing a new solar panel system. Contact us through our contact form and get started with going solar today.